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Marine Design & Naval Architecture Services



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CFD Evaluation

We provide CFD evaluation for all of our vessels. We evaluate resistance, powering analysis and appendages analysis and modification. We provide assistance for your projects like boats or major hull modification.


Special Construction      Design & Manufacturing

We provide design and manufacturing services for your boats special construction.

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Torsional Vibration Analysis

Torsional Vibration analysis  helps you control vibration levels in your engines, propulsion systems, and generator sets.TVA is crucial and mandatory for every classed ship


FEA Analysis

We provide FEA Analysis for structures needs to be verified. By doing so, you will be confident and save from material cost.


Propeller Design&Manufacturing

We supply all types of propeller with all quality grades.

Manufacturing can be done under IACS Classification Survey

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Ballast Water Treatment System Retrofit 

We provide Ballast Water Treatment System to any kind of ship in service. We also provide 3D laser scanning and 3D isometrics for the ship in service 

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3D Layout & Isometrics

We can provide 3D layout and full isometrics for our projects or your project.  


Propeller/Rudder Shaft    Design & Manufacturing

We supply shafts for propellers& Rudders or similar gear.

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