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10m Landing Craft

10m Landing Craft

10m Landing Craft


Description: Aluminium Landing Craft design with wide bow ramp. Vessel has shallow draft and has extra thick beaching plates. Deck is self bailing and non-skid. Foldable seatings are arranged in design. Vessel design has a towing post at aft of vessel. Wheelhouse is compact designed and has all round clear visibility.


Loa: 9.72 m

Boa: 3.28 m

Draft: 0.80 m

Max Speed: + 25 kts

Engines: 2 x 115 Hp

Wide Bow Door.

Self Bailing Deck 

Uncut Aluminium Plates & Profiles Weight: 2600 kg

Package Includes Cutting Files and Production Dwg's

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