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We design boats for professional boat builders, and offer custom marine design services and naval architectural assistance

Venus Boats produces boats for clients for really competitve prices.

Boats can be also delievered as aluminium or steel kit which is cutted aluminium/steel plates and extrusions.


All Workboats have been specifically designed for construction and computer guided cutting. Each design is intended to ease production, improve accuracy, and minimize both shop time and man-hours. Detailed assembly drawings and written assembly instructions are provided with each design. 

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You can choose from one of the several workboat designs, request a modification of an existing design, or request a new design


Venus Boats is a marine design, engineering and consulting company focused on creating custom or customized ships,workboats and floating structures.

We have large and growing product line which meets almost all requirements. We are committed to increase our capabilities,expertise and sources yearly.

Venus boats have various aluminium, steel boat designs that suits both commercial and recreational use. All designs meets international commercial standards. Furthermore, all boats designed to meet the latest building standards. Thanks to our 3D construction and functional design, our boats cost less on manhour, material and repair / maintenance. 

Venus boats has extensive experience on FEA - CFD analysis. We can help you on your challenging projects by performing CFD and FEA strength anaysis.


We accept part projects as stability booklet, scantling requirements, system calculations & drawings


Softwares for boat designers and engineers are also included in website. Please feel free to share your thoughts.


Workboats - Mooring Boats - Landing Craft - Barges - Fishing Boats - Service Boats - Floating Structures



Any Questions? Please Do Not Heasitate to Ask!

Coastal Highway 
Lewes, Delaware 19958 USA

TEL:+90 544 561 11 12


We will be in touch asap!


You are purchasing cutting files & design plans of the selected boat. All plans & cutting files are dispatched via e-mail. All drawings & material provided is protected via International Laws and should not be shared in whole or in part without written permission.

You are purchasing a license to construct one (1) boat using the provided design. Additional licenses for any of our designs are generally discounted twentfive percent (50%).

We provide phone and email support for all of our products.

Purchase of any stock designs are usually sent out within 3 days of purchase and effective after payment. 

Delivery of any custom design is dependent on the complexity of the design and will be determined at time of agreement.

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