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Windfarm Service Vessel

Windfarm Service Vessel

Crew Transfer Vessel

Introducing our Windfarm Service Vessel, the ultimate solution for transferring wind turbine maintenance crews from shore to offshore wind farm sites in any weather conditions. This specialized vessel is equipped to navigate the waters and provide a comfortable and secure transfer for maintenance teams. With its advanced design, the Windfarm Service Vessel offers stability and reliability, ensuring safe and efficient transportation to and from the wind farm sites. Featuring state-of-the-art technology and amenities, this vessel is designed to meet the unique needs of wind farm maintenance crews, providing a seamless and productive experience. Trust our Windfarm Service Vessel to deliver outstanding performance and support the success of your wind energy operations.


Description: A modern vessel design is capable of crew transfer operations to windfarms, cargo transport, equipment, supply water, fuel and similar to shore or another vessel. Vessel layout is efficient and flexible to fit most operations. A marine crane is fitted on deck. S.Structure is resilliently mounted on deck which makes comfy and silent ride. Vessel design fully complies Bureau Veritas Rules and Regulations.

Variations is applicable on design

LOA: 35.5 m

BOA: 11.40 m 

Draft: 2.00 m

Depth: 4.25m

Main Engine: 4 x 900 kW 

Max Speed: 24 kts

Diesel Capacity:60000 lts

FW Capacity:5000 lts

Cargo Capacity: 60t


Production Drawing & Cutting files.

Piping Schematics (Optional)

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