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24m Landing Craft

24m Landing Craft

24m Landing Craft / Workboat 


Introducing our 24m Landing Craft, designed for efficient and versatile transportation of cargo and equipment. With a wide deck area, this landing craft offers ample space for heavy loads and equipment, making it perfect for various cargo transportation needs. The addition of a deck crane provides even more flexibility and efficiency for loading and unloading operations. The wide hydraulic bow door ensures quick and easy access to the deck, allowing for seamless and efficient cargo handling. Whether for use in construction, offshore supply, or other industry needs, our 24m Landing Craft is a reliable and practical solution for transporting heavy loads and equipment.


Description: A modern vessel design is capable of landing operations, cargo transport, equipment, supply water, fuel and similar to shore or another vessel. Vessel layout is efficient and flexible to fit most operations. A marine crane is fitted on deck. A hydraulic operated large bow ramp allows wheeled and tracked equipment loading. Wheelhouse is arranged on top of main deck  to allow full deck area to be utilized. Height of deck is sufficient enought to fit most of the equipments that can be carried. Due to height of deck, wheehouse has excellent visibility.  Vessel design fully complies Bureau Veritas Rules and Regulations.

Variations is applicable on design


LOA: 23.95 m

BOA: 8.40 m 

Draft: 2.40 m

Depth: 3.25m

Main Engine: 2 x 442 kW 

Max Speed: 11 kts

Diesel Capacity:16000 lts

FW Capacity:2000 lts

Cargo Capacity: 60t


Production Drawing & Cutting files.

Piping Schematics (Optional)

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