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19m Multibar Workboat Barge

19m Multibar Workboat Barge

19m Multibar Workboat Barge


Introducing our 19m Multibar Workboat Barge, a versatile and robust vessel perfect for a wide range of tasks. With its spacious deck area, this barge is an ideal platform for pipe handling, anchor handling, and various other heavy-duty marine operations. Equipped with a heavy-duty crane, this workboat barge is designed to handle large and heavy loads with ease. Whether for construction, maintenance, or transportation, this multi-purpose vessel offers the reliability and flexibility needed for any marine project. Trust in the durability and functionality of our 19m Multibar Workboat Barge to meet all your marine industry needs.


Description: A modern vessel design is capable of anchor Handling, dredger service,supply, towing, hose handling and survey operations. Vessel layout is efficient and flexible to fit most operations Vessel design fully complies Bureau Veritas Rules and Regulations.

Variations is applicable on design

LOA: 19.35 m

BOA: 8.00 m 

Draft: 2.00 m

Depth: 2.85m

Main Engine: 2 x 442 kW 

Bollard Pull: Abt 12t

Max Speed: 9 kts

Diesel Capacity:24000 lts

FW Capacity:35000 lts

Steel Hull & Wheelhouse

Wide Deck Area with a crane

Deck Winch 

Bow Roller 

Twin/Single Screw Option

Production Drawing & Cutting files.

Piping Schematics (Optional)

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