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13m Tugboat

13m Tugboat

13m Tug / Mooring Boat


This 13m tugboat is a compact yet powerful vessel designed for efficient maneuvering and towing operations. Its sturdy and durable construction makes it ideal for handling larger vessels and navigating through challenging water conditions. The tugboat is equipped with advanced propulsion systems and controls, providing excellent power and precision for towing and pushing operations. Its versatile design allows for easy customization to accommodate specific requirements and preferences of clients. With its reliable performance, the 13m tugboat is a trusted choice for marine transportation and industrial applications.


Description: A modern tug/mooring Boat design which has twin nozzle and screw. Design withstands high bollard pull and has excellent sea keeping abilities. Main duties of boat is towing,pushing,line handling and similar marine operations in harbour and coastal area.


Vessel design complies %125 minimums of classification requirements.


LHull: 13.6 m (incl. Fenders)

BHull: 5.4 m (incl. Fenders)

Draft: 2.0 m

Main Engine: 2 x 600 Hp

Bollard Pull: Abt 12 tons

Propeller: Up to 1300 mm dia propeller

Max Speed: 10 kts

Steel Hull &Wheelhouse

Wide Deck Area with a crane option

Twin/Single Screw Option

Design Plans & Cutting Files 

Bureau Veritas Classed

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