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17m Ice Class Pilot Boat

17m Ice Class Pilot Boat

15m Pilot/Patrol Boat


Introducing our 17m Ice Class Pilot Boat, specifically designed to safely navigate through icy waters. This vessel is built to the highest ice class standards, ensuring optimal performance in challenging environments. With a durable and robust construction, this pilot boat is equipped to handle extreme weather conditions and maintain excellent maneuverability. The 17m Ice Class Pilot Boat is designed to provide reliable and efficient transportation for pilots to and from vessels, even in icy and unpredictable waters. Trust in this vessel to deliver superior functionality and safety for pilot boat operations in icy conditions.


Description: A modern pilot vessel equipped with twin screw, diesel engine powered.  Vessel has Aluminium hull and aluminium wheelhouse. Boat's main duties are pilot transfer,crew transfer, patrolling duties, and similar marine operations. Wheelhouse has wide visibility to allow maximum operation efficiency.

Vessel design complies %125 minimums of classification requirements.

Ice 1C-1D classification is an option.


Aluminium Hull






Fuel:1500 Lts

Engine:2x600 Hp

Speed:20 kts

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